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This remote log cabin for sale in BC is the definition of Halloween vibes

We kind of gave you a taste of Halloween with our last home of the week. But this time around, we’re completely diving into the spooky vibes, and we’ve got just the spot in mind. We’ve found a remote property for sale in northern BC, that ticks all of the boxes that give us the heebie-jeebies. The willies. The creeps. And, maybe even the jitters.

Disclaimer- we’re approaching this from a Tucker and Dale vs. Evil perspective. We’re sure the current owners of the property are kind folks just living their lives, and certainly not a cannibalistic family abducting random travellers. Just making that clear.

First up, the location. The 84-acre property sits near the village of Hazelton, which is in between the relatively well-known towns of Terrace and Smithers. Founded in 1866, the village originally served gold miners, but has lost its lustre in the 150 years or so since then. The most recent population count? Just over 300 people. If you’re trying to drive here from Vancouver, it’ll take around 14 hours to do so.

Next, we’ll look at the main house. Located off the grid and seemingly built by hand, the home is definitely in a ‘fixer-upper’ state. However, the builders were honestly ahead of their time, since they incorporated a ton of posts with burls in them in the design. Seriously, they share that affinity with ‘master home’ builders in Whistler.

Past that though, things get a little darker. The home is filled with the spoils of hunting trips and, uh, unique spaces. Like what we’re guessing is a wood storage room, but also maybe a tannery and a pelt storage area? The unfinished basement also leaves something to be desired, but we’re sure a foosball table would turn it right around.

And, we’ll be the first to admit that the other buildings on the property give us a serious ‘Do Not Trespass’ vibe. We’re looking at you, random overgrown shed that could easily fit into the first season of True Detective. But hey, once again, a little mood lighting and a solid day of cleaning will go a long way.

The property is priced at $440,000 and you can check out the listing right here. If you buy it, just make sure to invite us for the housewarming party!

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