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People gobsmacked by pink dog that casually rides a human scooter around town

It’s not everyday you see a pink dog riding a scooter – that is unless you live in Newcastle city centre.

Bella the three-year-old poodle isn’t your typical canine companion, she is a pretty extraordinary pet with an unusual talent.

The adrenaline junkie pooch has learnt how to balance her paws on handlebars and scoot around town, much to the surprise of passers-by.

Animal lover Jenny Santos, 21, has three dogs, four cats and two birds, but says it’s only Bella that enjoys life in the fast lane.

Jenny told Chronicle Live : “When I first put her on, she’d jump off quickly because she didn’t know what I was trying to do.

“She already knew how to stand up on her paws, so I taught her to lean on the handlebars.

“At the beginning, I’d have to pick her up and put her on and she’d stay there. But now, I just have to say get up and she’ll put her paws on the handlebars – she loves it!”

Jenny used to walk her dogs like any typical pet owner, until she bought a second-hand kick scooter.

Woman and pink dog riding scooter

The woman selling it would ride with her Doberman on board – which gave Jenny her lightbulb moment.

Whilst you might assume the pair get lots of points and stares, many locals are now used to seeing them out and about.

“People say I bet you get stopped a lot but I don’t,” Jenny confessed.

“I think it’s because when people see us they don’t want to distract Bella from being on the scooter, but they do love it. And Bella loves the attention!

Jenny Santos, 21 with her three year old poodle Bella who loves to ride on her scooter

Dog riding scooter“When we go on the Metro or the bus she’ll sit on someone’s foot just for attention and I’ve taught her to ask for cuddles. She loves cuddles and doesn’t want them to stop!”

Often if people are watching, they’re eyeing up Bella’s eye-catching colourful fur and quirky outfits.

Jenny has crocheted purple and pink numbers for herself and Bella, as well as jumpers for her cats – one of which sometimes joins the duo on the scooter in a see-through backpack.

Jenny Santos, 21 with her three year old poodle Bella who loves to ride on her scooter

“The cat is the most chill cat ever, he just stays watching and I want to make it more comfortable for him with a cushion,” she explained.

“I take him out on a harness and a lead too but he can get out of that.”

Jenny stresses that she doesn’t do any of it for attention, and if Bella didn’t enjoy it, she simply would refuse.

Jenny Santos, 21 with her three year old poodle Bella who loves to ride on her scooter

“Before this went on the news, people would film because it’s an extraordinary thing you don’t usually see,” she said.

“I know some people might say I’m doing it for attention, but the reason I started it is there’s a big hill near where we live and it’s so fun to go down with her.

“I just love going down hills with Bella – not ones that are too steep that they’re dangerous though. If she didn’t like it, she’d jump off. It’s just so fun!”