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Owner in hysterics over dog’s ’emo hairstyle’ – and it’s not just a phase

A dog owner has been left in hysterics over his Newfoundland’s new ’emo hairstyle’ – but claims it’s in his best interest.

Reassuring people that it is “not just a phase”, the owner explained how he asked a groomer to shave off his dog’s double coat to help ease his pain from a skin condition.

He told Reddit : “He has a skin condition what needs solving and getting wet all the time doesn’t help it or him. Plus his coat grows back quite fast.

“I didn’t want to shave him but needs must! And for his hair on his head, even with his long coat, it’s still the same. His father has this crazy style too so it’s just in his bloodline.”

Logan before his haircut

Although the dog, named Logan, doesn’t like his new hairdo, it has done its job in allowing his skin to heal.

“Sometimes it has to be done for the dog’s best health,” he added. “He gets really itchy, red and sore and his ears get all infected as well.”

But as Logan doesn’t have any skin concerns on his head, the groomer decided to leave this area, making him appear as though he has an “emo-style haircut”.

When speaking about a Newfoundland’s temperament, the owner added: “They don’t like to be left alone! They love human contact. Get prepared for drool.

“You need a really good hair dryer to dry them off and brush them at least three times a week to keep up on there coat, plus they will run on every puddle they find.”

Logan isn't a fan of his new hairstyle

While most users “fell in love” with his new hairstyle, others joked about him leaving home in the early hours of the morning to join My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade.

One user said: “It’s not a phase, mum. This is who I am.”

Another added: “Honestly, I pretty sure this dog welcomed me into the Black Parade in 2007.”

A third user said: “He’s like an anime character who sullied some old shrine and was cursed to being a dog, and now he has to change his bad ways by being a good boy.”

It comes after another dog owner “almost peed herself” when she collected her pooch from the groomer to discover she had been given a “can I speak to your manager” haircut.

Describing her dog’s personality, the owner said: “Her favourite toy is a lamb chop squeaky toy. Her best friend is Frida (our Rottweiler).

“She loves cuddling as she’s only seven pounds, and she loves when kids come over because they always drop food and she definitely loves anything cheesy.

“Also she will definitely be asking for your manager.”