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Dog’s miraculous recovery after being sнoт in the head at close range

An adorable corgi who survived being sнoт in the head at close range is enjoying his new life where he gets to eat lots of chicken nuggets.

The dog, named Arthur, was sнoт between the eyes and seemingly left for ᴅᴇᴀd – and only managed to survive because he was sнoт at an angle that was slightly too steep and missed his brain.

But, the bullet left a hole in the poor pooches head, causing damage to his airway passages and mouth.

He spent two weeks hiding under a fence to a family farm before being rescued by Main Line Animal Rescue, in Phoenixville, America.

The rescue centre said: “We received the call about a dog who had wandered onto a property in Lancaster County.

He gets to eat lots of chicken nuggets in kennelsAn investigation has been launched into the attack
“He had a wound to his head, which they assumed was from crawling under the property’s fence.

“Without any luck finding his rightful owner, he needed somewhere to go. We happily accepted him to Main Line Animal Rescue.

“But, when he arrived, something wasn’t right. The wound on Arthur’s head was large, and it was covered in debris. When he would breathe, bubbles would come out the top of his snout.

“He was in too much pain for a full examination, so he was started on pain medication and antibiotics.

“MLAR’s veterinarian Dr Alicia Royer sedated him to clean his wound. Underneath the dirt that had accumulated in it, and the infection that had developed was something that looked an awful lot like a gunsнoт wound based on size, shape and location.


” X-rays quickly confirmed her grisly suspicions.”

The Pennsylvania SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team has launched an investigation into this heartless attack – while Arthur enjoys being made a fuss of in kennels.

“But, the sad truth is that we may never know just why or how Arthur ended up with a gunsнoт wound between his eyes,” the rescue centre added.

“What we do know is that he survived. And we are so grateful that he did.

“He’s been spending his days in the hospital being treated with oral and topical antibiotics, daily cleanings of his wound, ear and pain medications. His wound is healing wonderfully and his breathing has vastly improved.

“We are hopeful that Arthur will make a full recovery, but there are bullet fragments remaining. He may need specialty care to remove them. Only time will tell.

“But in the meantime, he is the most gentle and friendliest boy. He loves every single person he sees and craves attention and affection. Everyone loves him, and it is well known that he loves chicken nuggets. We have a feeling he’ll be getting a lot of those.

“We cannot imagine why anyone would shoot such a wonderful dog. But, our officers are going to try to find out. And, while they do, we’ll be spending our days spoiling Arthur and telling him what a good boy he truly is.”

The rescue centre has shared a video of Arthur on their Instagram (@mainlineanimalrescue) in a post that racked up hundreds of likes, where people shared their love for the dog.

One person commented: “So much love for Arthur!”

Another person said: “Arthur, you are a miracle!”

Someone else commented: “How anyone could do this is beyond the beyond…thank you for helping him!”

“Omg, poor little guy. Thank you for saving him,” said another viewer.

“What a strong boy! And what an amazing animal rescue to save him from the tragic situation Arthur was left in,” said someone else.