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Singing dog obsessed with Lord of the Rings gives people ‘goosebumps’

A talented chihuahua has gone viral after ‘singing’ along to The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

Three-year-old Ozzy may be small in size but his voice has made a big impact, leaving viewers with “goosebumps”.

Owner James Cunningham, 26, from Arbroath, Scotland, told The Mirror : “I was randomly playing the harmonica when he was young and he just started singing.

“His wee self came running over and looked at me then he began howling. He has done it ever since.”

As well as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, Ozzy sings to Harry Potter and a variety of other films – but only if “he is in the mood”.

James couldn’t keep Ozzy’s talent to himself, so he shared a snippet of his singing on Reddit and racked up 21,700 upvotes with more than 300 comments.

The video of Ozzy howling to Star Wars went down a treat with viewers, as he kept up with the rhythm and hit even the highest of notes.

One user joked: “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far awooooo” while a second said: “The force is strong in that one”.

Another commented: “I had goosebumps all over my body. I couldn’t stop listening.”

And a fourth person said: “He’s a particular fan of the English horn and flute. Get that boy orchestra tickets”.


ChihuahuaMany Reddit users said Ozzy made them fall in love with chihuahuas, and commented on his larger-than-life ears.

One wrote: “This may be the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.”

Talking about the Reddit video, James said “[It] was only his second time singing to that specific tune.

“He will always sing to the harmonica and will also sing to other instruments like violin, saxophone and the fiddle.”

James says Ozzy has a “great personality” and is very loving to those around him.

He added: “He loves his walks and playing in the garden with his toys, as well as a good singalong.”


ChihuahuaAnother talented singing dog is Sky, who impressively howled along to the lyrics of When You Tell Me That You Love Me by Dianna Ross.

Owner Kathyrine Cagande recorded them both singing into a microphone in their living room in General Santos City, Philippines.

Speaking about the gifted pup, Kathyrine said: “I was so amazed that my dog is smart. Every time I do karaoke, he always sits on my side and waits for his turn to sing.”