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Man Builds Custom Kayak So That His Dogs Can Join Him On Adventures

As dogs are our best friends, it’s unfair not to let them involve in family adventures. Imagine their miserable eyes when you tell them to stay and watch the house.

All the dogs love cuddles and care from their owners, even when they are not little puppies anymore. They prefer accompanying you everywhere you go, from shopping at the supermarket to going hiking.

These doggo friends can comfort and help you. That’s why you should let them go on adventures with you.

With this mind, David Bahnson decided to build a custom Kayak so that his dogs can join him on adventures. His Kayak had enough seats for both of his Golden Retriever dogs. Three passengers on the boat.

David says his dogs have always loved traveling with him and his wife, whether it be by land, by air or by water! So the man didn’t hesitate to modify the kayak for his dogs.

David’s first dog, Susie, would take the seat in one of the baggage compartments but it was cramped for her.

So when they got their second dog, Ginger, David got another Coho kayak and this time he converted the two baggage compartments so the dogs would sit comfortably here.

As the wooden Pygmy kayaks are always provided with kits for assembly, David took matters into his own hand. The man cut the baggage compartments to make them smaller and narrower than was outlined, but made sure they would fit comfortably.

Additionally, he made coamings for the doggie seats to keep them dry and prevent water from entering the hull.

Even though his new Kayak doesn’t have room for a human to put their feet in the compartments, that is a piece of cake to the dogs. They enjoy sitting here.

David says his dogs are good boys and always wait to be instructed to get in and out of the kayak. With everyone fitting comfortably in the kayak, the family has already paddled miles together and are enjoying their water adventures.

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