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‘We All Have This Friend’: Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Constantly Ruining Group Pics

Hanging out with friends is the time that we all wait for. If you haven’t seen your bunch of friends after a long time, it would be more enjoyable. Chatting, eating something good, going shopping, going to the cinema…etc. There are a lot of things to do. You will get relaxed and re-fill energy. It’s time you can show the true you as the others understand you. And, to celebrate this happy moment, you should never miss taking some photos. Get everyone in one place to take a photo.

The shot looks good on your phone, so you put it back into your pocket. A few days later, however, you look back at the shot to post some pics on social media accounts. But the bigger screen reveals a problem. That one friend — the one who ʀuιɴs all of your group pictures — did it again. You burst into laugh immediately but want to make a note to κιʟʟ him.

Would it comfort you if dogs experience the same problem? Yes, that it is. Let’s take this gang for example. When Kikko, Sasha, and Momo gather to pose for their owner Yoko, Hina always finds his way to sᴀʙoтᴀԍᴇ it. Hina probably calls it ‘breaking the tension’ but we all know it’s a ʀᴇʙᴇʟʟιoɴ!

Let’s scroll down to get cute pics of the gang!