Baby bear gets in trouble with mom for peeking in people’s windows

What a way to wake up!
On a recent morning in North Carolina, Sumer Walser Williams and her husband were awakened to the sound of an extremely cute Peeping Tom.

“We heard a rattle outside our bedroom window; sure enough, when I turned on the light on the front deck, there was a cub at the front door,” Williams said.

The couple couldn’t believe their eyes as the cubs were standing upright, looking straight into their window. They were very excited! “We remember thinking, ‘This is absolutely amazing,’”

The same could not be said for the cub’s mother, as she climbed onto their deck and caught him in action.

“It is very easy to understand. That is my daily experience with my children. I think that’s what makes the video so great. It showed that some aspects of parenting are homogenous across species.”

The bears have retreated into the shadows after an unforgettable visit to the Williams home.

Let’s hope the cub learned its lesson!

“These visits are just reminders that we are just as many visitors to their homes as they are to ours.”


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