Cocker Spaniel Puppy’s First Encounter with an Unamused Cat

  • February 15, 2024

Some friendships are destined to be. Will that be the case for this cocker spaniel puppy and a rescue cat?

For Winston the golden cocker and Bindi the resident cat, it wasn’t love at first sight. At their first introductions, there was a lot of barking and hissing going on while their humans made sure they maintained a safe distance from each other.


At first, Bindi didn’t seem sure that Weston was a good fit in the friend department or at his home. After all, the kitty was there first and suddenly a golden barker shows up and disturbs the peace.

But soon, the two were getting a bit closer, at least close enough to try to play, and were more curious about each other. Winston wanted nothing more than to get up close and personal with Bindi but the cat wasn’t having it.

Mom and dad even pup up a baby gate as an escape hatch for Bindi so that the cat would have a place to hide from Winston. Now when Winston chased the kitty, Bindi would hop over the gate, leaving Winston in the dust.


Their humans wondered if the two would ever be friends. It seemed no matter how hard Winston tried, Bindi wasn’t interested in having a puppy friend, even one as cute as Winston.

But finally, one day they seemed to come to a truce. From there they formed a bond of sorts even though you could hardly call them best friends….yet. There was still some uncertainty going on.


Then one day, they decided to be friends. Siblings from another species, even. From there, it was nothing but love. Well, that’s not totally true because Winston had a way of annoying his kitty friend, but still…

But a year later, the two had sorted it out and were best friends! They loved each other and it was as if they had always gotten along. Their little spats are now in the rearview mirror.


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