Katy Perry’s Uncanny Resemblance to Adele Sparks Confusion Among Fans: ‘Adele, is that You?’

It seems that Katy Perry recently posted a selfie on her Instagram that garnered attention from her followers and fans. In the picture, some people noticed a striking resemblance between Katy Perry and British singer Adele. While the intention of the photo was to promote Katy’s new song “Not The End Of The World,” the resemblance sparked comments and speculation among her 108 million followers, with some questioning if the picture was actually of Katy Perry or Adele.

It appears that Katy Perry’s new selfie on Instagram caused a stir among her followers due to her uncanny resemblance to British singer Adele. In the picture, Katy is seen with long, slightly crimped blonde hair, and she gazes at the camera with heavy mascara and winged eyeliner, which are signature features often associated with Adele. Additionally, Katy is wearing a statement dress in metallics that rivals some of Adele’s memorable and show-stopping looks. The overall combination of her hairstyle, makeup, and outfit contributed to the striking resemblance between the two music superstars.


The second part of the post featured a video of Katy Perry standing on the edge of a spaceship, with a backdrop of planet Earth in a sepia tone and starlit environment. The video further added to the dreamy atmosphere of the post. In the comments section, one fan expressed their surprise, questioning if the person in the post was Adele. Another commenter shared a similar sentiment, stating that at first glance, they also thought the person in the picture was Adele. The striking resemblance between Katy Perry and Adele in the photo and video sparked curiosity and discussions among fans.

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