Elderly Chihuahua Reverts to Puppyhood Upon Finding a Loving Family.

  • February 15, 2024

Dumpy was a sad chubby senior Chihuahua that was left behind in a shelter but thanks to a phone call, he got a second chance at the greatest life ever.

When Rita Earl Blackwell went to the shelter, she took notice of two Chihuahuas boarding together in a cage. One of the Chihuahuas was an animated and friendly little girl, but the older male was sad and withdrawn.


Rita asked the kennel attendant if he could go inside and sit with the dogs. The female dog quickly climbed into the attendant’s lap, but the male named Dumpy stayed back and was reserved. S

Rita was moved to try to help the little round guy so she called A Purposeful Rescue to ask if they could help him. The rescue responded right away and said they’d love to have Dumpy. Rita was super excited that he’d be going to that rescue, but the best news was yet to come.


Turned out that Dumpy was going to a special foster home. Actress Kaley Cuoco agreed to foster Dumpy as soon as she saw a picture of him.

Once Dumpy was in his new foster home, he spent a lot of time in bed. He’d hide under the covers and often stay hidden away by himself. Dumpy was such a master at hiding, Kaley even got a collar with a bell so they could hear him sneaking off.


They didn’t know why Dumpy was so withdrawn but one day, everything changed. Kaley decided to go to the pet store to see if Dumpy might like a toy. Turned out he did and was super excited about it. After that, it was clear Dumpy was home and Kaley would be a foster failure.

Once Dumpy got his toy, he really settled in and started having fun again. His mom says he is even aging backward. He is now surrounded by a loving family and lots of new animal friends.


He’s super bonded to his new mom and travels with her everywhere. Even though she always had big dogs, Dumpy has become her soul mate and the two of them are inseparable.

Turned out that the worst day of Dumpy’s life led him to a terrific new life with a new best friend to adore him. What a wonderful rescue story. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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