Stephen King Is Having A Great Time Watching Manifest On Netflix

  • November 23, 2022

Stephen King is enjoying the latest season of Manifest on Netflix. The supernatural series about flight passengers who land after severe turbulence only to discover they have all mysteriously been missing and presumed dead for 5 years originally premiered in 2018 on NBC. After three seasons, the network canceled the show, and it subsequently became available for streaming on Netflix. After the show’s popularity skyrocketed on the platform, Netflix picked it up for one more season in 2021. The fourth and final season will air in two parts, with the first recently premiering on November 4.

Stephen King now shares his enthusiasm for for Manifest season 4 on Twitter. In a recent tweet, he praises the show with a twist of his signature sense of humor. “I’m 6 episodes into MANIFEST (NETFLIX). It’s like reuniting with old friends you thought were gone forever,” writes King, alluding to both the parallels between the series’ unanticipated revival on Netflix and the long-lost passengers’ reappearance in the story. Check out his tweet below:

Manifest’s mysterious plot has echoes of some of King’s work, including The Langoliers, so there’s no surprise the show has appealed to the author, and he’s certainly not alone. King finds himself among many devoted Manifest fans that have eagerly awaited a proper ending to the series. Reviews for Manifest have always been mixed, praising the story but often criticizing “soapy” acting. One advantage for Manifest ending with season 4 is that the writers can ignore ratings and critical reviews, and operate only in service to the fans. Season 4, part 1 has kept viewers on edge with shocking reveals, a huge cliffhanger, and many questions.

Manifest season 4’s first ten episodes confirmed that a volcanic apocalypse is imminent. Antagonist Angelina wreaked havoc when she got hold of the Omega Sapphire, with the last episode implying that she may have absorbed its power through a shard. The back half of the season will likely find fan favorite Manifest characters banding together to prevent the apocalypse and stop Angelina. Manifest season 4, part 2 should also clear up any confusion regarding Zeke’s death and, most importantly, the truth behind Montego Airflight 828. Manifest has always tackled the theme of spirituality versus science. Following the aircraft’s reappearance, the passengers seemed to be endowed with an ability to see future events, called “callings”, and Manifest season 4 has so far provided a spiritual reason behind the mystery.

No release date for Manifest season 4, part 2 has been announced by either Netflix or creator Jeff Rake. Ending a series by revealing a long awaited answer is a very difficult challenge to pull off. A huge portion of the Lost fan base never forgave the highly successful series after its big reveal in the series finale. Though Manifest fans, including Stephen King, may be delighted by a fourth season, if the show takes a wrong turn, it runs the risk of deeply disappointing its viewers. It remains to be seen, but Manifest season 4, part 2 at least seems to be on track to revealing a satisfying ending.

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