The hunt for the ‘tri-headed snake’ creature that is causing a storm: turns out to be a beautiful and quite popular speciesп

Human knowledge is truly endless. The proof is that sometimes we see creatures right next to us, but we do not know what their identities are.

Like the animal in the photo below, what do you think it is?

Photo: Facebook Jimmy Tran – Group HKN

The picture above was posted by a member in a Facebook group, and it is not too difficult to understand that many people are curious about its identity. According to the poster, this is a butterfly, but its shape like 3 snake heads makes it not like a butterfly at all. Some people even shared that they could not understand the structure of this butterfly anymore.

So in the end, what is this?

Not to let you wait long, our answer is the Atlas butterfly, with the scientific name of Attacus Atlas. Because they have the habit of laying eggs and growing on star fruit trees, they are also called star fruit butterflies.

Strictly speaking, these are moths – or moths, belonging to the emperor family, common in tropical and subtropical forests. It is also one of the largest butterflies in the world, with a wingspan of up to 25-30cm, and a wing coverage area of ​​400 square centimeters. Only the Hercules moth surpasses it in terms of wing area.

The star butterfly is also one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world. It wears a brilliant outfit: wings of all colors brown, black, white, pink, mixed with purple and some motifs. However, the most special feature is that the wing tip of this butterfly has an extremely similar shape to the head of a cobra.

According to scientists, this is an evolutionary feature of this butterfly that allows them to intimidate their enemies.

Back to the first picture. The reason you still haven’t realized the “texture” of the butterfly is because in the picture there are… 2 butterflies. That’s why many people see it as a “three-headed snake”. Normally, the star butterfly can only pretend to be two snake heads.

In the circle is the body of a butterfly


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